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Valentine Villanelle 


Other things may well be true, 

But this truth has come to me: 

I get to be with you. 


There were days that I now rue, 

When I failed us miserably.

Other things that have been true. 


Out from them a new “we” grew, 

And daily we renew that “we.” 

I get to be with you.


We waltz, limp, and soft shoe, 

And you get to be with me. 

Another thing that is quite true.


Uncounted years now feel few. 

Thus these days I clearly see:

I get to be with you. 


So until the end’s in view,

Whatever comes, we’ll be.

And whatever else proves true, 

I got to be with you.

Accepted for publishing in The Orchards Poetry Journal Summer 2023.

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